Polypropylene capillary boards

The structure of polypropylene capillary boards resembles cardboard. Capillary polypropylene is manufactured by extrusion. It is an advanced, lightweight, extremely flexible and odourless building material. Unlike cardboard, capillary polypropylene is moisture resistant, highly durable and has a high mechanical strength. Its colour pallet is rich and is excellent for series printing. It is used in industry, agriculture, forestry, design engineering, advertising and construction. It is particularly popular in the manufacture of reusable packaging and material protection systems.


  • Packaging solutions – reusable consumer and shipping, including boxes, storage crates for small items, covers, openwork containers, anti-corrosion packaging for metal items, packaging for food, agriculture, automotive and electrical industries, packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. consumer and shipping packaging intended for sterilisation (boxes, crates)
  • Protection material – protection of products from damage during shipping, used for e.g. glass: pallet spacers, racks, separators, edge protectors, internal partitions, reinforcement rails, internal protection of mobile elements e.g. in gas ovens
  • Construction material – canopy roofs, partitions of light structures (arbours, frames), steam-permeable boards used as additional roofing materials, shuttering elements
  • Insulation material – thermal insulation of buildings, thermal insulation of cooling appliances
  • Household goods – cooling appliances, e.g. refrigerators, coolers, dish-washing machines
  • Protective material – protection of walls and floors against moisture, guards of vegetation and small trees, protection against forest fauna
  • Advertisement – promotional and exhibition stands, information boards, die-cuts, signboards, folders, bags, files, poster backing, gadgets, containers, etc.


  • Water-resistant – the material can be used in locations of high humidity
  • Good resistance to inorganic solutions and acid solutions
  • Low weight and high mechanical strength
  • Good insulation parameters
  • Resistance to atmospheric conditions and sun
  • Can be used in a wide range of temperatures
  • Good rigidity
  • Ease of working
  • Compatible with graphic applications, e.g. printing and application of films
  • Reusable
  • Highly recyclable


  • Cutting
  • Printing
  • Die cutting
  • Cardboard bending
  • Ultrasound welding
  • Cementing
  • Edge sealing
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