PA - Polyamides

Polyamides (PA) are a group of widely used construction plastics. Polyamides are semi-crystalline polymers of natural colour, which is usually white. Special modifications feature standard yellow and green. The semi-finished products are available in the form of boards, floats, film, bars and hollow shafts manufactured by extrusion, casting or calendaring.


  • The durability and mechanical strength is much higher than the corresponding parameters of traditional products
  • High fatigue strength
  • High vibration absorption
  • Low friction coefficient (self-lubricating plastic – does not require extra lubrication)
  • Excellent machinability – also with the use of metal machining tools
  • Superior resistance to abrasion
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • High resistance to high-energy radiation (gamma rays, X rays)


  • Manufacture of machine parts for various branches of industry
  • Slide bearings and bushes
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Spring washers and distance pieces
  • Chain sprockets and gears
  • O-rings
  • Belt pulleys
  • Spring washers, cams, tensioning rollers
  • Star wheels
  • Leading screws
  • blanking die benches
  • Scrapers, etc.
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