Hard PP films

PP (polypropylene) films are hard polypropylene films manufactured by calendaring or extrusion. They exhibit excellent durability, as well as having a modern and attractive appearance. Due to their high rigidity, the variety of surface finishes, a wide colour gamut and ease of machining, the PP films are widely used to manufacture high-quality packaging for cosmetics, textiles, alcoholic and other drinks and for advertising articles. It is an ideal product which guarantees simple, modern and eye-appealing solutions.


  • Low specific gravity
  • Can be repeatedly bent
  • High resistance to water and most chemicals
  • Recyclable – a positive image
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Can be printed using various technologies
  • Various surface finishes
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Custom dimensions available
  • Easy to machine
  • Non-toxic combustion products


  • Cosmetic, textile and foodstuff packaging
  • Boxes, cases, containers
  • Educational and office aids and consumables
  • Mouse pads, desk covers
  • Field maps, user manuals
  • Folders, covers, files, dividers
  • Labels, stickers, price tagging systems, suspended inscriptions
  • Signboards, displays and exhibition boards
  • Artistic prints, posters
  • Membership cards, worker cards, IDs


  • Cutting
  • Perforation
  • Printing
  • Die cutting
  • Bonding
  • Stapling
  • Cementing
  • Pressure welding
  • Riveting
  • Tacking/clipping/lacing
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