Hard PET films

PET (polyethylene terphthalate) films are thermoplastic semi-crystalline plastics. They are manufactured by calendaring or extrusion. They have perfect transparency, high gloss and good mechanical properties, which makes them one of the most reliable packaging materials. Among the important traits of PET film is its capacity for recycling. They also have good printing characteristics, which make them a great printing base.


  • High mechanical strength
  • Rigidity and hardness
  • Good ductility, adhesion and weldability
  • Extreme creep resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Perfect resistance to soiling
  • Physiological resistance (PET products are approved for use with foodstuffs)
  • High resistance to high-energy radiation (gamma rays, X rays)
  • Low impact strength
  • Extremely good electrical insulation
  • High transparency
  • Extreme resistance to water, oils and the majority of acids
  • Can be printed in versatile technologies
  • Can be deep-pressed
  • Recyclable


  • Cosmetic and textile packaging
  • Foodstuff packaging
  • Boxes
  • Cases
  • Containers
  • Signboards, displays
  • Artistic prints
  • Price tagging systems, suspended inscriptions
  • Covers, dividers
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