Soft PVC boards

Strips and rolls of plasticized PVC are resistant to UV radiation. They are made in two types: regular and cooler, which enables their use in a full temperature range (-45°C/+60°C) e.g. in cold stores, warehouses, food processing plants, etc. The doors and gates mate of soft PVC strips are the most cost-effective solution for the protection of stored materials from variable environmental conditions (heat radiation, low temperatures, humidity) and from noise, dust, dirt, insects and draughts. Due to the perfect flexibility and mechanical strength of the strips, they can be used virtually anywhere.
Tuplex also offers a fitting system for flexible curtains made of soft PVC. The system is stainless steel.


  • Energy efficiency by maintaining temperature and control of hot (cold) air flows
  • Limited penetration by smoke, vapours and dust into the rooms separated with curtains
  • Sound barrier: noise reduction by 25-30 dB
  • UV resistance (can be installed in exterior/façade gates)
  • Extremely good flexibility and mechanical strength
  • Transmission of sunlight inside the locations
  • Manufactured with rounded edges to protect the users from cuts (increased working comfort)
  • Minimal maintenance requirements


  • Door curtains in warehouses (entrance, indoor)
  • Curtains in unloading gates
  • Curtains in cold stores, meat processing plants and food processing plants
  • Welding curtains


  • Cementing
  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Riveting
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