Reynobond aluminium composite...

Reynobond is the exclusive product of Alcoa Architectural Products. It is a modern, lightweight rigid and durable façade board composed of two outer aluminium layers, each 0.5 mm thick, containing a low-density polyethylene core or a modified FR core (fire-retardant). The aluminium is hot lacquered with the use of the Duragloss 5000® technology, with ensures extreme resistance to atmospheric conditions and colour fastness.

The boards with the modified core are classified as fire retardants. The material is approved by the ITB, approval no. AT-15-3524/2006. The Reynobond 55 boards have a rich colour pallet, including wood-like decorations. Matching colours to specific installations is available.


  • The Duragloss 5000® which gives a gloss at even 85%
  • Reynobond XXL – 2 metre-wide boards in continuous stock
  • Rich colour gamut – with wood-like patterns
  • Fast delivery of samples and matching the colour to existing installations
  • High resistance to corrosion (caused by atmospheric conditions)
  • Low deformation rate (rigidity)
  • Easy to machine and assemble
  • Increased resistance and impact strength
  • Resistant to bending
  • Lighter than solid panels (by 3.4 times than steel and 1.6 than pure aluminium)
  • Flat surface
  • Fast colours
  • Sound dampening
  • Enables creation of spatial structures
  • High fire retardancy


  • Cutting – bumper jar
  • Bending – pyramid-type three-roller throw-off machines
  • Sawing – circular saws, fret saws, board saws, flat saws
  • Throwing off – with U and H-shaped sections for small-form sheet edges
  • Milling – V-shaped or with concave bottom which enables free forming of the product
  • Throwing off – with a bending brake for long boards or for narrow throw-offs
  • Boring – aluminium drills
  • Pressing – cutting punch


  • Rivet connection
  • Coffer-type covering, KU 5NVA
  • Coffer-type covering, KH 35


  • Facades of public buildings (hotels, banks, schools, etc.), commercial buildings (office buildings, shopping malls), residential buildings, including buildings taller than 20 m (in the case of boards with modified or FR cores);
  • Interior finish: partition walls, ceiling and wall panels, office counters, pillar casing, etc.

Storage standards

  • Width: 1250 mm, 1500 mm
  • Length: 3200 mm, 4000 mm
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