Transfer films and paper; tools

Transfer films and papers are the consumables which facilitate the application of plotted graphic designs and printed designs to the desired application surfaces. The use of transfer papers and films allows applying the graphic design to the right spot thus giving it an impressive look. The ApliPaper 4050 and ApliPaper 4075 series are high-quality transfer papers for the transfer of average-sized graphic designs and prints. The difference between the two series consists in the glue strength. ApliPaper 4050 has the glue of an average adhesion power, while the glue of ApliPaper 4075 is very strong.

These products are also available with the Conform series. In the case of ApliPaper 4050 and ApliPaper 4075, the Conform series has a perfected version of the glue, which together with the paper gives even better results of graphic design transfer. We also offer the AppliFilm 60 (without the base) and AppliFilm 65 (with the base) transfer films. The offer is complemented by tools: squeegees, gloves, application magnets and the detergents used to clean the application surface and to remove glue/adhesive residues.


  • High adhesion – two bonding strengths
  • Excellent stretchability and elongation
  • High tearing strength
  • Give the graphic designs an effective appearance


  • Transfer of cut and printed graphic designs to application surfaces
  • Preparation of application surfaces for transfer
  • Facilitate working with graphic designs during transfer

Storage standards

  • Available widths (cm): 100 / 122
  • Available reel lengths (rm) 100
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