Standard and special PMMA boards

The PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) boards are rigid and naturally transparent thermoplastic materials. They can be coloured to achieve a virtually unlimited colour gamut and light transmittance levels. The wide selection of boards, i.e. neutral, opalescent, white, colour translucent and transparent, with glossy or matt finish, offers a wide potential for applications which suits the diverse needs of designers. The PMMA boards are extruded or poured, and each manufacturing process provides different technical parameters. Experience has shown that poured and extruded boards can be used interchangeably. However the final selection of the board type is made with respect to their intended use, technical requirements and costs. Tuplex also offers a variety of special boards:

Extruded boards

  • Elit boards – for edge highlighting of thin-walled light-boxes with the transmission and scattering of light coming through the board edges
  • HI (high-impact) boards – neutral boards with enhanced impact strength and excellent mechanical properties
  • UVD boards – transparent to UV rays and used in solaria
  • Gold and silver mirrors – light, shatter-proof, easy to work with, perfect for advertising and interior design
  • Prismatic boards – slightly patterned on one or both sides, used for glazing and in lighting features

Poured boards

  • LED-system boards – opalescent and light-scattering at LT=50%, used with colour LEDs. Ensure perfectly uniform, soft and pleasant light. UV-resistant and with the 10 year guarantee for:
    discolouration, light transmission and rigidity
  • Fluo and Soft Fluo fluorescent boards – with luminous edges
  • Dual Satin boards – with double-sided matt, lightly satin surface, imitate the "frosted glass" effect, resistant to scratching
  • Satin boards – with single-sided matting, used for the manufacture of advertisement signs
  • Black&White and Color&White boards – change colour when highlighted
  • Vision boards – single and double-sided boards designed for multimedia projections
  • Essential boards – extremely resistant to chemicals
  • Metal&Pearl boards – imitate metal or pearl mass surfaces; perfect for advertisement and interior design
  • Block – from 25 mm to 200 mm in thickness, used to produce advertisement features and interior design features
  • SRD boards – designed for sound barriers
  • Aviation industry boards – used in aircraft and certified for use in the aviation industry by German notified bodies


  • Advertisement:
    backlit boards, ad panels, lighting fixtures (luminaires), commercial exhibitions (shops), racks, shelves, etc.


  • Architecture:
    decoration of shop stands and shop equipment features, filling of doors, glazing, partition walls, skylights


  • Automotive industry:
    dashboards, fairings, headlights and rear lights


  • Special applications:
    sun beds, car wash walls, machine and device guards and housing, glazing of greenhouses and winter gardens, sound barriers for motorways


  • Unparalleled transparency
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays and variable atmospheric conditions
  • Excellent resistance to many aggressive chemicals
  • Easy to machine and heat-process
  • Approved for use with foodstuffs
  • Easily recyclable

Storage standards


  • Poured boards: 2030x3050 mm, 2040x3040 mm
  • Extruded boards: 2050x3050 mm

Thickness range:

  • Poured boards: 2 - 20 mm
  • Extruded boards: 1.5 - 20 mm
  • Poured board thickness tolerance acc. to ISO 7823-2:2003: thickness – 1.5 mm – 2.9 mm +/- 10% thickness – 3 mm – 20 mm +/- 5%
  • Extruded board thickness tolerance acc. to ISO 7823-1:2003: thickness – 0.4 mm +/- 10%

Please consider the potential thickness deviation in your considerations.


  • Machining: cutting, milling, drilling, threading, turning, sand blasting, polishing, engraving, cold bending
  • Heat treatment: hot bending, heat forming, decay soaking
  • Pressure-welding and welding
  • Cementing
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