Pneumatic fabrics

The TU-FUN 300 g polyester fabric is a perfect solution for pneumatic (air-inflated) advertisements. Low substance (300 g) makes the fabric light, which protects the applications' pressure system from overloads, while the high strength parameters guarantee use in all atmospheric conditions – even under high mechanical loads. The special coat of acrylic cement preserves the colours throughout the entire time of use. Perfectly adapted to higher loads at a lightweight structure, the fabric enable even the most sophisticated shapes of advertising items.


  • A low weight substance of 300 g is dedicated to even very large pneumatic advertisements and does not overload the application's pressure system, which allows making extraordinarily large designs. The lightness of the fabric also reduces the cost of maintaining the structure under pressure.
  • High strength – the tensile and tearing strength are higher than the parameters of fabrics at a similar substance.
  • Resistance to damage – coating the polyester with an appropriately formulated PVC emulsion allows maintaining the pneumatic application in all atmospheric conditions and protects against small mechanical damage.
  • Printing – the fabric is suitable for screen printing and solvent printing. It is resistant to UV radiation and fading. The special coat of acrylic varnish which covers the printed side of the fabric protects against deterioration by UV rays, which means that the print stays vivid and clear for a long time.
  • Adaptable – compatible for joining with other fabrics. The TU-FUN 300 g fabric perfectly blends and sews with other materials, which facilitates the design of even the most original pneumatic advertisements.
  • Flammability – slow-burning and certified as B1 class, which conforms to all fire protection requirements


  • Balloons
  • Gateways
  • Inflatable screens
  • Tents
  • Product mock-ups
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