PMMA boards and blocks for LED highlighting

LEDs are currently the standard colour lighting source and increasingly used for shop window design, signboards and information boards, where they replace neons and fluorescent lamps. The new group of boards and blocks for LED highlighting are the products of Altuglas® LED System. These are white poured boards. Their unique formula guarantees maximum luminance and their optical properties, e.g. light scattering and opacity have been selected for a maximum visual effect and cost effectiveness – thanks to the use of fewer LEDs.


  • Scatter properties – the LEDs with a narrow scatter angle (i.e. from 40º to 140º) can be seen as small, luminous dots. The Altuglas® LED System boards and blocks prevent the phenomenon of hot spots, by optimising the uniform scatter and ensuring perfectly homogeneous lighting of the advertising medium
  • The board can be used in light-boxes as thin as 7 cm.
  • Thinner lettering can be manufactured
  • Greater freedom of design than in the case of neon-based systems
  • Enables safe, environmentally friendly systems with low maintenance demands and high durability
  • Resistant to UV radiation, which means the resistance to discolouration and longer preservation of mechanical properties
  • The light transmission is always 50%, irrespective of thickness of the board


  • Advertisement:
    LED boards, advertisement panels, shop windows and exhibitions, etc.


  • Architecture:
    LED decoration of shops, etc.

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