Fabrics for digital print

PVC-coated fabrics the surfaces of which are designed for digital print, available at a wide range of widths (up to 5 m), substances and surfaces:

  • Frontlit – an advertising medium designed to be lit from the front. It is the most versatile product of this range.
  • Backlit – an advertising medium designed to be back-lit. Designed for the manufacture of luminous advertisements.
  • Mesh – a mesh-like material which is lightweight and facilitates the free flow of air and penetration by light. The fabric ensures good visibility which is why it is primarily used as an advertising medium for building façades.
  • Blockout – a fabric with an insert which enables double-sided print.

Types of fabrics divided by manufacturing processes:

Laminated fabrics – manufactured by double-sided hot lamination of polyester fibres with layers of hard PVC. Designed for short-term applications, they are easy to work with and weld.

Coated fabrics – manufactured by pouring a liquid PVC paste on a pre-woven polyester mesh. The paste includes plasticisers, colourants, mould and water repellents and UV protection agents. The fabric is protected by an acrylic coat which ensures long life of the fabric. It is recommended for long-term use.



  • Outdoor and indoor large-format advertising
  • Indoor presentations, i.e. for theatrical stage design


  • Back-light advertisements, light-boxes
  • Outdoor and indoor advertising panels


  • Building façade advertising
  • The largest large-format structures on offer


  • Digital print substrate
  • Outdoor exhibitions, e.g. roll-ups


  • Ease of printing
  • High printing quality
  • High tearing strength
  • The substance of the fabric is adapted to its application
  • Resistant to dampness
  • UV-resistant
  • An upgrading and strengthening coat of varnish (semi-coated and full-coated fabrics)
  • Long-lasting quality guarantee
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