Digital print laminates

Self-adhesive laminates for digital printing are made of a wide gamut of transparent protection films in glossy, matt and satin finishes. The films protect against mechanical damage, moisture and dirt. They additionally give an appealing visual effect with the matt and satin finish. The films protect against mechanical damage, moisture and dirt. They also have great aesthetic value by intensifying the printed colours and giving the surface an exquisite finish. Depending on the surface of application, the films are designed for short-term, average and long-term outdoor use. The products blend perfectly with the self-adhesive films designed for solvent-based printing.

If laminates are used, please note that the laminate must have the same properties or better. It is not advisable to use high-performance films with laminates of poorer properties (i.e. polymer films with monomer laminates).


  • Gives high gloss to graphic designs
  • Prolongs the life of graphic designs
  • Enhances the colour saturation
  • Great durability
  • Easy to apply
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Superb flexibility
  • UV protection
  • Provides excellent protection against mechanical damage


  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Window decorations
  • Sales point signs
  • Shop windows
  • Graphic designs on vehicles

Storage standards

  • Available widths (cm): 106.7 / 130 / 137 / 140 / 155
  • Available reel lengths (rm) 50
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