History and organization

Tuplex Group

Countries: Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia.

Business partnership
We continually strive to anticipate our customers' needs and build strong business relationships. We use the knowledge and experience gained during twenty years of cooperation with major chemical companies in the world. Our suppliers are the most reputable manufacturers, including Alcoa, Altuglas, Avery, Basf, Bayer, Ferrari, Sabic and 3M. All contacts with suppliers and customers are longstanding.

Efforts to constantly increase the quality of our service translate into the dynamic development of the organization and its highest asset, which is human capital. In line with our motto "We invest in your success", we adapted our terms and credit policy to the needs of our customers. 
Customers are served directly in our branches throughout the region and visited at their premises by specialized consultants providing customer support and professional technical advice.

Our team
Tuplex makes a good team of people that constantly improve their skills. We are concerned for the ongoing personal development of everyone in the company and for improving methods of work. Together with the world largest companies, we organize training for our employees and customers.

Logistics and transport
Developed network of branches with full logistics and warehousing base, modern machinery and IT system to support logistics decisions, is reflected in the efficiency in order handling and flexibility of supplies in our company. Each branch of Tuplex has a warehouse adapted to the needs of the region's customers, from where the orders of the fastest rotating products are executed. High storage warehouses allow us to keep a wide range of products.

With a large car fleet, supplies reach customers within the time guaranteed by us. Order processing takes place within 24 hours, to anywhere in the country.

Additional services
On customer request, we prepare appropriate formats or order them directly from manufacturers. Computerised line for cutting formats "Schelling it works" allows us to minimize waste and reduce costs.

Real success requires courage and unshakable faith in success. In the 1990s, when we began operations, Poland was a country of great economic and political transformation, the nature of which was still being shaped. Investing in plastics was hardly recognizable and not common then and it seemed a big risk. Encouraged by the words of one of the characters in the film "The Graduate", according to whom "plastics is the future", we decided to take the risk.

We believe that dreams should not be limited, so from the beginning we assumed that our company was going to become a nationwide organization and a leader in its industry. Today, we are building a European organization, and our goal is to be a leader in Central and Eastern Europe.


  1. Established leading position in the industry
  2. The widest range of products for the advertising, construction and industrial industries
  3. Expert technical advice – professional staff
  4. Availability of products in stock
  5. Direct delivery
  6. Customizing panels and customized foils and tarpaulins
  7. Credit policy tailored to individual customer needs
  8. Competitive prices


Departments in Poland - Poznań

Refreshing the company's image

Department in Bulgaria

"Solid Company" Certificate


The Tulwin family founds the company Tuplex.


The first three branch offices are set up - in Gliwice, Lodz and Poznan. A decision on further territorial development is made, which allows us to be closer to customers and fulfil their needs faster.


The company is growing rapidly. New branch offices are established: in Cracow (1996), Katowice and Wloclawek (1998), in Bydgoszcz, Czestochowa, Kalisz and Kielce (1999) and in Rzeszow (2000), company headquarters is moved to Warsaw (2001).


The company begins its international expansion. Tuplex Russia is founded.


Tuplex receives ISO 9001:2000 certification and is ranked 944 of the best Polish firms in 2000 published by "Rzeczpospolita".


Companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are established.


The company takes 1st prize in the competition "The Eagles of Polish Construction" in the category: "Building Materials Distribution". SAP software is deployed.


Tuplex Bulgaria is established.


New branches of Tuplex are established in Wroclaw and Gdansk.


New branches of Tuplex are established in Lublin and Szczecin. Tuplex Serbia is founded. The company is honored with “Reliable in Business” European Certificate.


After a long-term process, Tuplex receives "Solid Company 2011" Certificate, in recognition for providing the highest level of service.


Change of legal personality and transformation of the company into a joint stock company.


A company based in Zagreb is established in Croatia.


  • The Eagles of Polish Construction in 2008, 2009 and 2010

  • 1st prize winner in the category of Building Materials Distribution

  • European Medal in 2008 and 2009 for private labels TU-PRINT, TU-FLEX, TU-BOND and TU-FOL


Corporate mission
We are here to meet and exceed our customers' needs, and jointly create a new reality.

In our company, we strengthen and reward the following values: commitment, honesty, reliability, cooperation and determination in carrying out tasks.

To be a leader in the distribution of plastics in Central and Eastern Europe

Our goal is realized through:

  • Territorial development: 
    Moving experience and knowledge by building professional customer service in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Product development: 
    Expanding the range of carefully selected products, increasing market share of products already sold
  • Organizational development: 
    Improving the organization of trade and logistics and optimizing processes and procedures